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Sensations VR:


An interactive mixed reality experiment in flavour 






Unit 9

Castello, Mother

Science-Informed Design  

Multisensory, HCI


Flavour has the power to move us emotionally, recall memories, and anchor us to a moment in time. But it is not simply taste, which occurs in our tongues. Flavour is experienced in our brains and is the heady mix of taste, smell with what we see, hear and touch. We experience the world through all our senses, all at once. Cue, cross modal interaction, and the focus of the neuroscience we fed into this work. As is one of the most exciting areas of neuroscience for mixed media, it provides new knowledge for creatives on how to enhance the sensory impact of immersive worlds pushing the boundaries of physical and digital, mixed reality experiences. 

In partnership Unit 9 and their team of VR designers, the campaign worked with digital tools, from haptic hand grips, to immersive colourscapes and ambisonic soundscapes we embedded this insight to create the experience. As you ate the cheese (on the world's first 3D printed spoon controller!) you entered an interactive VR world scientifically designed
to engage all five senses and amplified the sensations of creamy castello cheese from the moment of the very
first bite.  

Evidence based multisensory design to amplify flavour and engage all the senses.


Create an immersive tasting experience to launch Castello Creamy 

Building on their latest TVC, where a man falls through different dimensions of flavour after taking a bite of Castello cheese, Castello wanted to create a live tasting experience for Oculus VR using neuroscience to bring the story to a virtual space, immersing users in a multisensory interactive journey.

Creative Concept

How do you enhance taste through new mixed media formats?

Using a combination of VR, neuroscience and new media technology, the campaign explored how flavour can be enhanced with multisensory experiences. The creative sought to provide a sensorially stimulating mixed reality experience that supercharged the taste of Castello cheese, utilising sound, graphics and haptics. 


A multisensory VR experience providing new experiences of flavour 

A visual, haptic and sonic virtual experience using neuroscience to maximise the experience of the first bite of creamy bite of castello cheese. Wearing a VR headset, the first bite of cheese triggered the transition between a virtual dining room into a psychedelic, creamy cheese world, created using NVIDIA FleC, where users could reach out, touch and mould zero-gravity creaminess in real time.





Unit 9 now uses cross-modal
research into their digital,
film & VR campaigns

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