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We translate neuroscience into evidence-based tools

to guide a range of creative executions.

We embed the latest neuroscience to inform strategy and execution to drive greater impact, depth and delivery.

By applying proven science into productions, services, experiences, content and ideas, we enhance intended outcomes, strengthen offerings and drive meaning

- Science-Informed Design

- Toolkits

- Experience Design

- Strategy

- Creative Concepts

- Workshops

- Academic Partnerships

- Discovery Sessions



We design and produce original concepts built on proven neuroscience models.

By developing ideas rooted in science, we are revolutionising how culture and technology drive wellbeing experience. Delivering work in this way helps explore and support widespread issues like empathy, mental health, connection and the environment in novel and engaging ways.

- Content

- Programming

- Curation

- Audio Experiences

- Physical Experiences

- Events

- Idea Generation



We measure experiences of individuals in real-world environments using neurophysiological equipment.

We take experiments from the lab

into real-world environments to test, prototype and demonstrate the

impact on brains and bodies

of individuals. This supports iterative and interactive designs, testing ideas, impact, providing novel audience experiences, and enhancing PR campaigns.

- Interactive Experiments

- EEG & Physiology Measures

- Validate Impact

- Test Ideas

- Design Experiments

- Observe Brain & Body

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