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Movement Inspires:


Immersive art powered by neuroscience






Marshmallow Laser Feast,

UCL, City University, University of Oregon

Science-Informed Design, Academic Partnerships

Embodiment, Flow States

The core question we worked to achieve across this campaign was “How can we use neuroscience research to increase the impact of art on our sense of calm, immersion, presence and embodiment?” With this as a starting point, we worked alongside and translated Neuroaesthetic researcher’s insight into creative visual elements that formed the core of three short films and an immersive sound and visual interactive installation. 

Specifically, we used Fractals and Biological Motion to achieve the intended scientific result. This involved detailed scoping, workshops and toolkits for creatives. We led interdisciplinary partnerships with the leading neuroscience researchers in these areas to feed into the development of the visuals. Prototypes were tested through EEG and fMRI to investigate the impact of different versions of the art on the neurology and physiology viewers. These data then guided the final assets, which were a series of short films and interactive audiovisual installations across 5 major cities.


At the intersection of science and iterative creative process is where the most impact can be made.


Increase the impact of immersive art on our sense of flow and embodiment with neuroscience

Marshmallow Laser Feast were commissioned by Kia Motors to develop immersive artworks for their campaign, “Movement Inspires”. To strengthen campaign impact of eliciting flow states, imagination & embodiment, the team wanted to use the of visual aesthetics.

Creative Concept

Apply neuroaesthetics into audiovisual installations to shift brain-body states

Using the science of flow and embodiment, Marshmallow Laser Feast created a series of immersive and interactive films to elicit these states of being in audiences. Projected across large outdoor displays and immersive media walls, the visual creative brought to life the brand identity behind Kia’s “movement inspires” campaign.


Academic partnerships & creative science to inform, test and iterate

We embedded the neuroscience of relaxation and flow into creative visual components to maximise the intended impact on the audience. This involved partnering with leading academics, running EEG and fMRI testing and in-depth workshops to translate the research into strategic design decisions.


_2023_CELLULE_LEAFHOPPER 30 Denoised.jpg



An interdisciplinary collaboration allowing all partners to creatively think about their work in new realms for true innovation

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