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Infrasonic Vibration:


The new technology driving at-home wellbeing







Vibroacoustics, Sound, Wellbeing

As more individuals today understand the need for self-care, technological innovation opens new possibilities. Vibration and resonance is at the heart of this. Sensate uses this science and technology to deliver vagal toning. To validate both the sonic and infrasonic components of their technology, we set up a 2-phased hybrid study to test the specific brain-body responses in the experience as well as the longer term impact of daily use over 3 weeks. This enabled an objective measure of the brain and body while mimicking real-world use cases for the product in people's daily homes.

Study 1 looked at EEG and Heart Rate data when using Sensate, listening to its soundscape, city noise as well as baseline rest for 10-minutes each. Using Sensate was found to induce whole brain synchronisation. A state of greater efficiency and relaxation often seen in long term meditators. Listening to the soundscapes alone additionally showed an increase alpha waves in the brain, known for rest and flow states. 

Study 2 looked at daily use over a 3-week period of using Sensate, or its soundscapes or sitting in silence. A consistent at-home practice was beneficial across all groups, however listening to the Sensate Soundscapes was shown to be the most effective for stress and mood recovery. 

The results have been used by Sensate in public and private communications to key business stakeholders.

Infrasonic vibration and soundscapes tap deeply into our neurophysiology to recover from stress. It provides a novel new wellbeing ritual that caters to a wide audience


Test the impact of Sensate soundscapes and infrasonic technology for at-home users 

Sensate is a pebble-shaped device which is worn on the chest, and delivers infrasonic resonance when paired with its custom soundscapes. This delivers vagal toning and taps into bone conduction to support deep states of relaxation through sound and vibration. They wanted to validate the sound + vibration aspect of their product as well as the customised mobile soundscapes. 

Research Design

A custom research study using neurophysiological & behavioural data exploring Sensate’s impact on health and relaxation

The 2-phased research study used EEG and Heart Rate data to look at the brain-body impact in a single 10-minute Sensate session. Participants then integrated Sensate into their daily rituals, using the device daily for 3 weeks. Users were split into three groups. Those using the Sensate device, soundscapes only, and a control rest condition. 

Study Results

Brain states when using Sensate demonstrated relaxation similar to deep experiences of meditation

EEG analysis showed Sensate induced whole-brain synchronisation, a state experienced in deep states of meditation. Over 3 weeks, users were able to form a new daily ritual which supported stress and mood. The Sensate soundscape was specifically effective at reducing stress. 




Sensate is harnessing the power of sound through using infrasonics as an at-home wellbeing solution

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