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The Science of Sonic Branding:


A toolkit for evidence-based compositions







Sound, Emotion, Cognition


Sound connects directly to the emotional centre in our brain, translating the pitch, tones, timbres and rhythms into a message which creates powerful memories and impacts on our states of being. This makes it one of the most effective sensory routes to support brain and body states. The neuroscience of sound paired with creative intuition is helping to create sonic environments to offset the vast amount of noise, signals and alerts around us, and support our everyday behaviours. 

Working with the properties of sound in an intentioned way can help change the chemistry amongst our brains and bodies and it is the responsibility of brands to produce sonic experiences which directly support consumer wellbeing. 

Drawing on concepts including binaural beats, neurochemicals, spatialised audio and the physiological impacts in the body, we used our Science-Informed Design approach to build a toolkit which educated about the neuroscience of sound, and provided creative applications to implement into compositions. 

Neuroscience proves music’s power on building connections, eliciting emotion and driving associations. 


Deliver greater impact on consumer states of being

Multisensory and digital-first experiences mean sonic branding is now imperative at shaping brand personality and ethos. As a global leader in sound production, Syn wanted to enhance their sonic offering with an evidence-based approach to their compositions and campaigns. 

Creative Concept

Infuse sonic branding with the science of sound

By embedding the neuroscience of how the brain and body respond to compositional structures, we have the power to support emotional, physiological, mental and creative states of listeners. 


A neuroaesthetics sonic branding toolkit

A comprehensive Science of Sound toolkit to act as the foundation and guide strategy for creative briefs and compositions. It provided the latest scientific insight on how dynamics of sound impact emotions, memories, cognition, and a calming or energising effect on the listener.


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Syn are using neuroscience in
their  compositions, cementing
their place in sonic innovation 

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