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Sensorial Maximalism:


Expanding sensorial consciousness






Diageo (The Singleton of Glen Ord 40 Year Old Single Malt Whisky)


Moodsonic, Found Studio, Zhou Yilun

Immersive Experience Design, Consultancy, Talent

Multisensory Coherence, Sound, ASMR, Flow

Kinda Studios worked from ideation through to activation to inspire, brief and guide the creative team across the immersive journey and parallel at home experience.

Immersive Experience Journeying through three rooms: FLOW, COLLISION and RICHNESS, guests were primed to experience a ‘superlative taste experience’ of the Singleton 40. Informed by neuroaesthetics and brought to life in an immersive experience, both physically and conceptually. Throughout the physical journey the guests were invited to explore all five senses, bringing them into a state of heightened “sensory consciousness and elevating the tasting experience.”

At Home Experience The central activation was accompanied by an At Home experience for those who could not travel to Shanghai. ‘Matching the moments’ Kinda produced an accessible and fun five step ‘at home’ toolkit for audiences to curate their own environment as they tried the whiskey at home. Each step was designed to amplify the tasting experience of the Singleton and match each moment in the immersive experience. The focus was to help consumers think of taste‘ beyond the five senses’ and amplify and enhance the central ‘taste-feeling’ of RICHNESS and DEPTH, a stand out characteristic of the Singleton. 


Diageo wanted to engage all the senses to amplify the taste journey

We are surrounded by an orchestra of sounds, colours and scents every day, influencing our mood, feelings and creating the ability to change the way we taste. We were asked to translate neuroscientific insight of multi sensory stimulation to create a unique immersive journey that celebrates and amplifies the taste profile of the Singleton 40 single cask whiskey. 

Creative Concept

An immersive journey to elicit a heightened state of ‘sensorial consciousness’

Inspired by the richness of the Singleton 40 and its journey of flavour, we used the science of the senses and multimodal perception to build the foundations of 'Sensorial Maximalism' - an immersive physical and at-home digital experience to maximise taste flavours and perceptions through a cross-modal experience using touch, sound, and sight. Taste and smell are powerful emotional tools for memory formation and wellbeing. These senses hit the brain’s limbic system, which is the seat of our emotions. 


Immersive and At Home experience

The Rooms of Maximalism saw guests journey through rooms that delivered precise sensory stimulation using ASMR, 3D animated visual artworks, and physical obkects, before enjoying the first global tasting of the 40-Year-Old. This was paired with the creation of a tasting ritual that can be explored at home. 




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