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Challenging perceptions of the world





Found Studios

London Design Week

Consultancy (Creative Ideation Workshop) 

Awe, Multisensory Coherence


Invisible encourages us to look closer and see things from different viewpoints to engage with the world on a deeper, more visceral level.
There is a huge quantity of visual material shared with us on a daily basis. This means our optical intelligence is growing. This exhibition showcased how to see beyond our eyes and shift perceptions of how we take in the world through our senses. Using tactile and expressive creative materials, the work elicited feelings and encouraged an exploration beyond more traditional visual forms. 

Pairing light, form and texture with each piece helps visualise the intangible world of emotion evoking felt and behavioural responses. 

Kinda studios supported the creation and execution of the idea with our Science-Informed Design process, using neuroscientific principles and pillars to inform, guide and inspire the creative direction and process.


“It's crucial to our practice that we're well researched and by gaining input from experts in the subjects we have in hand we unlock parts of projects that we’d otherwise run the risk of missing."


- Clayton Welham Director Found Studios


Bring designs to life to evoke visceral and neural sensory responses

While 3D design tools can give us identifiable real-world results, they also let us transcend real-world physics. We worked with Found using our Science-Informed Design approach to feed neuroscience into the creation of artworks that uses the visceral and sensory to bring the invisible into sight.

Creative Concept

An exhibition exploring the viscerality of senses to navigate the world differently

Through a series of works, this exhibition will reveal there's more to materials, products and subject matters than meets the eye. Using visual design, the concept pushed the boundaries of 3D and Consumer Graphic design techniques. Each artwork brought invisible attributes of scent, taste and touch to life using aromatic complexes, feel, and flavour alongside tactility of surface and form.


Tactile and visceral installation at London Design Week 2023 

By revealing hidden complexities and visualising sensation, feeling and emotion, the show taped into the intrigue and curiosity within all of us. The exhibition encouraged visitors to change their perception of materials and design products through the visualisation of sensations and emotions.




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