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Higher Frequencies

An audiovisual sound healing series






Woo, ITV

Butt Studio, Aaron Horn, Nailah Hunter

Curation, Science-Informed Design


Coupling audio and visual components into one cohesive design is one has some of the strongest impacts on our brain-body responses. Woo wanted to specifically build on the wellbeing benefits of sound healing. As one of the most powerful ways to regenerate our emotional, physical and mental health, sonic vibrations support deep states of relaxation on a cellular level.

We designed this series in partnership with Woo, an ITV platform, to give a Gen Z audience a digitally immersive sound healing experience. Each of the 4 films were built using the science of 4 different states of being - relax, flow, embodied and energy. 

We led the creative direction for the audio and visual artists by informing their creative process with Neuroaesthetics insights of how audio and visual designs can activate these states of being, so all artists were independently working in tandem to a collective science-informed design process. 

We commissioned sound artists Aaron Horn and Nailah Hunter to rework tracks from Vegyn, Beabadoobee and Ashnikko, and alongside Butt Studio in their visual process. 

Blending ancient wisdom with cutting-edge neuroaesthetics for a first-of-its-kind series.


Create a digital content series designed with proven neuroscience

Woo wanted to build on the rise of sound healing and immersive wellbeing experiences by turning these same benefits into a digital format specifically tailored for a Gen Z audience. They wanted to reimagine what this ritual could be through a cultural lens. How do you make something so inaccessible interesting to a broader audience?

Creative Concept

Turn tracks from today’s leading music artists into

10-minute healing sessions

Higher Frequencies is a 4-part audiovisual series designed to drop audiences into specific states of being - relaxed, embodied, flow, and energised. Leading tracks were deconstructed using healing frequencies and hypnitising visuals for a series of deeply transformative films.


A four-part neuroscience led audiovisual sound healing series 

We curated, commissioned and produced the 4-part series, designing each episode to drop audiences into selected wellbeing states, and translating neuroaesthetics research into a creative insight brief for the creatives to inform the visual animation and audio remixes. 

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The first film in
Higher Frequencies has been viewed over 100K times


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