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Unseen Being on Soho Radio

Listen to our monthly podcast where we explore the 'Unseen' aspects contributing to our states of being

Unseen Being is our monthly show on Soho Radio where we talk with artists, scientists and each other about what’s happening inside our brains and bodies when we experience the world around us. Each month, we explore one of the most overlooked, unseen and intangible topics which shape how we feel, interact with each other and move through the world around us. Consider this a monthly audio handbook, curated by artists, neuroscientists and technologists – a critical guide to understand the wellbeing of experience in the current age.

Our first episode kicked off exploring the giant topic of Sound, science, our bodies and space. But as sound is all around us, all the time, it is a fundamental place to begin. We speak with neuroscientist Dr. Yewande Pearse, about how music actually interacts with our brain, and James Bulley, a multi-instrumental composer and sound artist working with sound and the natural environments, who offers us an inspiring approach to his creative process, and the importance of understanding us, in real life with the sounds we hear all around us. 


Listen to Unseen Being here.

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