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Higher Frequencies: Hypnotic Audiovisual Healing

Clients:  Woo, ITV

Partners:  Butt Studio, Aaron Horn, Nailah Hunter

Delivery:  4-part audiovisual sound healing series

An digital series built from aesthetic science to maximise the impact of audio and animation on the brain and body.

We worked with Woo, the new Gen Z wellbeing platform from ITV to curate and produce "Higher Frequencies", an audiovisual series designed using aesthetic science to drop audiences into specific states of being - relaxed, embodied, flow state and energised. Stems from major label artists - Vegyn, Baebadobe, Ashnikko & Nina Kravitz were reworked into 10-minute sound healing tracks to accompany hypnotic visual animations from Butt Studio.  

We curated the themes and creative direction of the series, commissioned sound healing artists Aaron Horn & Nailah Hunter, and translated proven Neuroaesthetics research into a creative toolkit to inform both the visual animation  and the audio remixes from the sound artists. 

Watch the full series here.

Screenshot 2022-05-18 at 15.52.31.png

Turning aesthetic science into captivating and entertaining content has allowed this series to pioneer new digital wellbeing technologies.

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