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Unseen Being: Empathy & Ritual

Episode 2 explores the power of ritual to evoke empathy & the need for more inclusion

On this month's show, we explore the importance of ritual and empathy in facilitating connection. Rituals are embedded into our evolutionary history and cherished across cultures and communities. They are so fundamental to how we bond, make meaning and mark moments in time. But we explore here more deeply, is their ability to evoke empathy - something we desperately need at this time.


We speak with two amazing guests, Enni Kukka Toumala, Empathy Designer & Artist creating tools and rituals to bring empathy back into our lives. She was designer-in-residence, 2020 at the Design Museum, and is currently artist-in-residence at Kettle's Yard.


Dr. Christopher Kavanagh is a Cognitive Anthropologist studying collective rituals and their impact on social identity and group oriented behaviour with a specific focus on dysphoric rituals as they permeate culture and influence our current daily living. 

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Learn the science of bonding and the important of empathy to rise up from these times here.

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