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Our female-led studio unites the realms of immersive arts with physiology, neuroscience, and play to explore what lies beyond the horizon of the human experience. We translate science into creative applications and everyday understanding to enhance connection. We believe transformation is central to human experience and by providing visceral experiences, we can foster both personal and collective growth. Approaching wellbeing through this new lens helps advance new modes of thinking, pushing the boundaries of our

felt experience.

Interdisciplinary to the core, we believe in the importance of open dialogue between science, art and the public. Proven scientific models mixed with personal experience facilitates the greatest human impact, which is why our approach sits at the edge of evidence-based science and the felt experience. We are defined by collaboration, creativity, connection and curiosity, and explore new ways of being that are authentic and inclusive. Committed to giving voice to those less heard and a platform to emerging talent, we aim to educate and empower, with the knowledge that information, access and connection ...

unlocks a new sense of agency, creativity, and wellbeing.

We are Kinda...


Robyn Landau

In an exploration of the connected body, Robyn’s expertise in Neuroaesthetics uncovers how our experience of the world around us impacts our states of being. Her approach integrates a career in the music industry, somatic practise, science and communications to build practical tools and creative applications to help enhance experiences of the everyday. She believes creativity is a fundamental component of life, and accessible to all. As a ceramicist, yoga practitioner and dancer, she fuses these organic and energetic schools of thought with tangible science for greater access and impact.


Katherine Templar Lewis

Connecting and enabling cross-disciplinary collaborations and insight, Katherine is an interdisciplinary mind, an experienced knowledge broker and reality hacker. With an extensive academic background in genetics, experimental psychology and neuroscience she now sits at the intersection of technology, science and culture. Her passion is translating cutting edge science insight into creative intelligence, accelerating it out of labs and into the real world through artistic and creative collaborations that help us better understand ourselves, our world, drive connection and inspire change.

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United by a shared passion for transformation, experience & discovery.

(and a love of oak trees, orange wine, and disco music)

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