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Sentience: Designing for Sensation

Translating Neuroaesthetics Research into Apparel Design






Lucy Hardcastle Studio, Nailah Hunter, Colour It In Studios, Figure Plant

Digital Content, Immersive Experience, Consultancy

Emotion, Movement, Interoception, Physiology

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We embedded our research and thinking with Nike’s apparel innovation team to lead a new approach to product design, ones that use an evidence-base of the neuroscience of brain-body health directly into the design strategies. This multi-phased project was designed for interactive learning. Rooted in the 4E approach to cognition - embodied, embedded, enacted and extended. This means we tapped into learning models on a neural, body-based and experiential level. 

Workshops were run with design and innovation teams which included a keynote on neuroaesthetics followed by the custom designed immersive experience Inspirit.

Bespoke Podcast was produced, hosted and created by Kinda Studios which broke down the neuroaesthetics of sensation and emotion into design applications over a 6-part series and distributed across Nike Innovation HQ.

Immersive Experience Inspirit, was custom-built for the campaign, and installed at Nike HQ in an immersive booth and distributed digitally across the building. This was used for designers to tap into their own sensation, emotion and breath as a way of designing from their own embodied perspective.

The transdisciplinary approach drove a creative experience that helped Nike designers feel first, then design for others to experience worldwide through the new innovations which the programme has been used to create. 

By designing in tandem with research innovations, we are helping to propel what’s possible in science. This is leading a new wave of innovation that puts real-world consumer health at the centre of design.


Design apparel innovations to support sensation and emotion

As a leader at the forefront of innovation, apparel and athletics, Nike wanted to better capture, understand and support the range of sensation women go through when in movement. To better design for its audiences, they sought to understand, then translate the neuroscience of movement, sensation and emotion into new apparel design for women. 

Creative Concept

An interactive learning experience for Nike designers to ideate and create new apparel designs

We created an experiential programme for the Nike Innovation team to understand the neuroaesthetics of emotion and sensation through the 4E’s of cognition - embodied, embedded, enacted, or extended. The custom-build workshops, digital and immersive experiences allowed Nike designers to both embody and cognitively understand the latest neuroscience of brain-body connection to feed directly into their work. 


An experiential 

programme turning neuroaesthetics into applied design tools

The transdisciplinary approach included a workshop with Nike’s Innovation team, a custom-built immersive experience, a bespoke neuroaesthetics podcast was distributed for designers to educate, inspire then apply the learnings into designs. After premiering at the keynote workshop, the immersive audiovisual experience Inspirit designed with the science of emotion and breathing, was installed for 6-months in a custom-built immersive booth, and on screens across Nike HQ.


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