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Movement Inspires

Clients:  Marshmallow Laser Feast & Kia

Partners:  UCL, City University, University of Oregon

Delivery:  Interactive Multisensory Installation & OOH Films

How can we use neuroscience research to increase the impact of art on our sense of calm, immersion, presence and embodiment?

With these questions as a starting point, we worked alongside and translated Neuroaesthetic researcher’s insight into creative visual elements that formed the core of three short films and an immersive sound and visual interactive installation. The aim, to increase embodiment and self awareness. Curating an ongoing dialogue between the scientists and creatives as the films developed, EEG and fMRI was used to investigate the impact of different versions of each film as they were built, the information guided the final outcome to increase the impact of the films on a neurological level. 

The work not only brought the research into the public realm, giving the artists new tools and understanding, but allowed scientists to explore their own creatively and was the start of ongoing collaborations.

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