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Deep Listening Experience

Partners:  Tayos, Jon Hopkins, Alchemic Sonic Environment

Delivery:  Immersive Experience at Medicine Festival

How can we learn to listen past the ears and experience sound vibrations across our entire bodies?

Listening goes beyond the ears. Sound vibrations permeate our entire body, and when we learn to listen with our full sensory system, we can reap major health benefits. At our Deep Listening experience, we took audiences through a journey of embodied listening. Using immersive sound and interoceptive meditation as the conduit, audiences tapped into their internal bodily sensations for a transformative experience shifting their physiological, emotional and psychological states of being. We premiered two works of art for the first time for a public audience, the first, a collaboration between Tayos & Jon Hopkins, and the second, 'Renewal' from Alchemic Sonic Environment. 

Listening with our entire sensorial system allows us to put the body first, tapping into a relaxation state that allows the vibration of sound to work its magic on our physiological system.

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