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Transcendence at National Gallery X (NGX)

The art of mystical experiences - portrayal by traditional art and the new contemporay exploration.

As a continuation of our partnership and collaboration with Art in Flux, we will be sharing our work and neuroscience insight at "Transcendence", a live digital event at NGX. Cureated by Maria Almena, it explores the art behind mystical experiences, from traditional to contemporary. The event will include a research launch, presentations and a panel discussion, alongside media artists Maria Almena (Art in Flux), Maja Petric (Ravensbourne University) and technologist Carl H Smith (Ravensbourne University). We'll be sharing the neuroscience of mystical experiences, their power for transformation and the neural correlates underpinning the experience. The event will reconnect audiences with these “spiritual” practices that are so intrinsic to human existence, and are lacking in our Western society, but can play a key role in our society’s recovery. 

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Grab your free tickets here.

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