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Medicine Festival

Medicine Festival deep in the countryside, surrounded by nature, asks us to consider: what if we are the medicine?

Katherine was fortunate to be invited to speak (in actual person) at the first ever Medicine Festival. A gathering to inspire authentic connection and regeneration for people and planet in a time when our world is changing and we find ourselves at a point of both great peril and great promise.
Combining ancient wisdom alongside solutions of modern technology the three day event asked the simple question, 'how can we be the medicine?' Katherine was invited to join Carl H Smith, head of learning and research technology at Ravensbourne University and his guests, to discuss the topic of "Technology for Good." Asking how we can better put humans at the centre of technology in a way that enhances not detracts from our experience of the world?
The conversation ranged from the promise of decentralisation that block chain may bring to the need for a greater ethical standard in the building of new technologies. It ended on the agreement that technology is simply a tool we create to help us evolve, demonising it or trying to live without it is a flawed assumption. What gives it a moral underpinning is its accessibility, the intention for its use and a collective responsibility to ensure that that we hold society and ourselves accountable for this.

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