Sonic Branding: Unlocking Creativity

Clients:  Da House Audio & Kia Motor Corporation (KMC)

Partners:  UCL Experimental Psychology & Disclosure

Delivery:  Sonic Logo

We led a collaboration between Da House Audio and UCL Experimental Psychology to create a sonic logo to help unlock inspiration. 

Using field recordings taken from the Amazon Jungle, focusing on the neurologically stimulating pink noise frequencies from nature, a new synthesiser was built by legendary maker Arthur Joly. Translating Neuroaesthetics research on harmonic structures, a series of sonic logos were created, and tested in house at UCL using behavioural testing, EEG, HRV and GSR. The impact of the different soundscapes on Alpha waves, arousal level and divergent thinking were recorded, with findings used by creatives to further craft the final logo. Additional EEG tests were carried out to show the contrast of the negative effect of city noise to highlight the importance of sound on wellbeing.

A documentary was produced to help further educate the public on the power of sound.

Da huse.jpg