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The Sound Affect

Clients:  Mother & Ikea

Partners:  Sonos & Les Enfants Terrible

Delivery:  Interactive Multisensory Experience

An immersive installation with a mission to help the public better understand how sound impacts our emotions and surroundings whilst losing themselves in a multi-sensory narrative led by sound.

Created in collaboration with the Olivier nominated theatre company Les Enfants Terribles, participants journeyed through a series of rooms. Within each, a unique audio track played. Each was built upon sonic elements chosen for their transformative effect on individual perceptions space. Creation of the rooms brought together new Neuroaesthetic researchers from UCL and Sussex, whose work we brought into the public domain. Alongside the audio and interactive light, surreal characters interacted with the participants to heighten the emotion within each space, playing on the intricacies of the mind and the psychological state. 

Infusing neuroscience into sound design allowed designers to better craft and illuminate an emotional journey, while offering the participants a novel way to understand the power of sound on their brains. 

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