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Sounds for Energy

A scientifically-backed soundtrack for runners performance






On Running


Jayda G

Consultancy, Lab, Talent

Sound, Mood, Synchrony, Motivation

Sound is one of our most powerful aesthetic drivers to arouse emotion, shift our mood and motivate us into action. By working with specific properties of sound like BPMs, frequencies, rhythmic dynamics and build up and release, we can trigger specific brain and body states to release a flood of feel-good neurochemicals and physiological reactions that create lasting changes on mood - a fundamental component of energy and motivation that is vital to performance at all levels.


Kinda led the campaign strategy, working with On to hone in on the state to support runners, and then fuel those insights directly into the music production with NTS and Jayda G. A series of 2 experiments within our in-house lab helped informed the design of the music track, then show the power of effects on runners. Our findings not only showed self-reported mood boosts, by increases in physiological changes and synchrony across those running in groups.  


On wanted to support energy in runners to mark the launch of the Cloudmonster 2

To mark the launch of the Cloudmonster 2, On wanted use the neuroscience research around sound and movement to increase runners energy, uplift their mood and maximise their performance. They partnered with Kinda to lead the strategy behind the campaign, using the neuroscience of mood and sound to feed into the campaign creative direction and messaging to support runners across the world.

Creative Concept

A scientifically-backed soundtrack design to maximise energy

Kinda turned the neuroscience of sound into a custom track and music mix scientifically designed to energise runners. Each uses specific BPMs, frequencies and melodic dynamics to amplify music’s effects on brainwaves, physiology and neurochemicals, helping to boost mood - a known driver of performance. Working in partnership with On and music partner NTS, Kinda led a series of science workshops to feed into the music strategy, developed a a neurosaesthetics toolkit for Grammy-nominated producer Jayda G and artist Yaeji.


Custom neuroscience testing on the track, music video and music mix

The track was led by a science-informed design process including custom neuroscience testing of the track at 2 distinct points. First, in the pilot phase, with 120 runners worldwide, those results were then synthesized to guide the final output which was tested live with runners in London. The results showed an energy uplift in runners in three distinct ways: physically, through more dynamic heart rate patterns, emotionally, through mood boosts, and socially, through a synchronisation of runners’ heartbeats, known to drive bonding and connection.




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