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Castello Sensations: Multisensory Taste

Clients:  Mother & Castello

Partners:  Unit9

Delivery:  Multisensory VR Experience

How do you enhance the experience of taste?

Weaving new cross modal research into the creative process we worked with Unit 9 to create a multisensory VR world that could be triggered by eating cheese. Working with visual artists to understand the effect of colour, visual dynamics and and haptics to enhance the sensation of creaminess on a neurological level.  A cross discipline team of researchers from Oxford University, digital artists and creative directors came together to virtual world build an interactive VR experience. An additional audio mix used ambisonic base to ground the user in the experience with spatialised interactive sounds. 

The experience toured globally with the aim to help people better understand the complex hierarchy of sensations and senses that interplay with taste itself.

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