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STRP Festival

We're moderating Rhythmic Resonance, a meditative audio event created by Antoine Bertin.

Kinda Studios is pleased to be moderating Rhythmic Resonance, an event focusing on the signals, silences and rhythms in the natural world on 4 June.

The journey into the rhythmic connection with nature - plants, species, networks is voiced by incredible experts Merlin Sheldrake, Simonne Jones and Michel Andre. Fungi, trees, birds, whales, our planet resonates with oscillations, communications and patterns as diverse as the life form that produce them. What are the origins of these sounds? How do living beings use them? How can we learn from them? Rhythmic resonance is an opportunity to discover the sound recordings and data sonification, the scientific discoveries and artistic interpretations, that allows us to listen and be inspired by the silences, signals and rhythms of the non-humans.

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Check out the event here.

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