By working with the science of the brain and body, we can design insights to provide new ways of experiencing wellbeing, connection & engagement

We act as a bridge between academic labs and the creative sector by turning science insights into tangible, relatable and experiential environments

Our Science-Informed Design process translates neuroscience into a range of executions, providing an evidence base to guide creative designs and directions. This helps underpin products, services, experiences and ideas with cutting-edge science to drive meaningful impact and behaviour change. 


Our approach begins with understanding the creative concept, then performing research to underpin it with the relevant scientific pillars. The insights are then applied directly into design frameworks, executions and strategies to enhance their desired impact.

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The science of Connection:

Wellbeing as Experience:

We define wellbeing as connection.

Connectedness is the bedrook to wellbeing.

Which is why our work is driven by the 3 lenses          of connection:

To self: Mental, Emotional & Physiological Health

To others: Empathy, Synchrony & Collective Experience

To environments: Built & Natural Landscapes

Scientific pillars underpin each connection lens to  form an evidence-based foundation for each to grow from. By helping tackle the widespread issue of disconnection we can support everything from sleep  to sustainability, anxiety to creativity and collective action to individual change.

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At the intersection of science and the lived experience is where the most meaningful transformation takes place.

Aesthetic experiences create sensations and emotions in the body which are scientifically proven to elicit the personal meaning required for transformation, while neuroscience shows us how and they this works. This is why our work embeds neuroaesthtics directly into cultural experience for an experiential approach to learning that helps people understand science in ways that evoke curiosity and creativity.

By redefining wellbeing through new models of connection, and embedding these within culture and technology, we can experience wellbeing in a broader lends, with a more engaging and inclusive approach for diverse audiences.


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We are Kinda...


Robyn Landau

In an exploration of the connected body, Robyn’s expertise in Neuroaesthetics uncovers how our experience of the world around us impacts our states of being. Her approach integrates a career in the music industry, somatic practise, science and communications to build practical tools and creative applications to help enhance experiences of the everyday. She believes creativity is a fundamental component of life, and accessible to all. As a ceramicist, yoga practitioner and dancer, she fuses these organic and energetic schools of thought with tangible science for greater access and impact.


Katherine Templar Lewis

Connecting and enabling cross-disciplinary collaborations and insight, Katherine is an interdisciplinary mind, an experienced knowledge broker and reality hacker. With an extensive academic background in genetics, experimental psychology and neuroscience she now sits at the intersection of technology, science and culture. Her passion is translating cutting edge science insight into creative intelligence, accelerating it out of labs and into the real world through artistic and creative collaborations that help us better understand ourselves, our world, drive connection and inspire change.

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United by a shared passion for transformation, experience & discovery.

(and a love of oak trees, orange wine, and disco music)