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Art x Science Clubhouse

Join our club (on Clubhouse), where we host interdisciplinary conversations with world leading experts.

Yes, we're on Clubhouse - everyone's new favourite app which is emerging as a leading place to engage in digital panel discussions and wider conversations with people across the world.

Each month, we're hosting sessions with some of the leading interdisciplinary thinkers across the globe, from our new club, Art X Science. Join our club and follow all our updates by clicking on the hyperlink.

Previous sessions have included the Science of Sound with Tom Middleton, John Connel and Anagram's May Abdulla, Science-Informed Design with Wavepath's Mendel Kaelen and Rob Thomas and Goldsmiths Rebecca Chamberlain.

We're loving this platform and curated events we've been hosting which have resulted in some of the most engaging, inspiring and pioneering conversations around the themes of art, science, health, sound, nature, technology, empathy, experience and more.


Join our Art X Science Club now and join us in the conversations each month. 

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