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Wellbeing Behind the Wheel:


Multisensory in-car wellbeing








Communications, Science-Informed Design, Strategy

Multisensory Wellbeing

As our experiences in cars continue to change, in-car wellbeing is now an imperative part of automotive strategies. By embedding the latest neuroscience research into the in car design, we can best support these emotional, physiological, mental and creative demands of both passenger and driver throughout their day. 

Our strategic insight report drew on the needs, demands and new approach to modern wellbeing, including viewing it as not just relaxation, but a multidimensional and multisensory construct. This report supported not just the PR and communications campaign, but worked with and supported Bentley designers as well.

The campaign film was seeded to a global press audience and placed Bentley as leaders across in-car experience, demonstrating its commitment to wellbeing impacts across the brain and body long after stepping out of the vehicle. 

In-car experiences are now set apart by their ability to meet the multidimensional needs of modern wellbeing


Showcasing the wellbeing benefits for drivers and passengers in the new Bentley Azure 

Bentley wanted to showcase the evidence-based and multisensory benefits of their new in-car design. Their aim was to communicate the neuroscience behind the design principles and educate around the positive benefits of their in-car experience. 

Creative Concept

A PR and communications campaign to demonstrate in-car wellbeing

Bentley hosted a PR event and digital video seeded out to a global press audience. The video was hosted by Kinda and touched on the neuroscience behind the design of the car’s visual, sonic and fabric-based designs. 


A Neuroaesthetics insight report & digital video for a a novel comms 


A neuroaesthetic insight report acted as the foundation for the PR and communications campaign. It provided the latest scientific insight on how dynamics of sound, colour, light, temperature and haptics impact states of being of passengers and drivers. This formed the basis of their commnunications film featuring ourselves in conversation with various Bentley designers and engineers. 


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A new approach to modern
wellbeing is now at the center of Bentley in-car strategic design

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